It’s a competitive world. To keep your business, we have to maintain incredibly high standards. So that’s what we do.

Reliability is what counts. You need to know you’ll have the right products, at the right time. If you don’t, your customers won’t forgive you. And we wouldn’t expect you to forgive us.

Our service


So you’ll find reliability in our administration, our product quality and our timely deliveries. And how we achieve this is simple: for us, service is a personal commitment. Although we have all the technology you’d expect for taking and fulfilling orders, what makes our service outstanding is our eagerness to please. We just want to get things right.

Crucially, this includes our warehouse team and drivers. They work with the latest equipment and drive a fleet of modern refrigerated vans and trucks, but it’s their hard work and enthusiasm that count. We promise that all orders taken by 11pm are delivered the next day, every day of the week.

Reassuring standards
We’re certified to the highest ‘AA’ level of the BRC Issue 2 Warehouse and Distribution Standard – which means you can be confident about the safety, quality and legality of everything we do. The Standard guarantees that the products you buy from us have been produced, stored and transported correctly, all the way from the farm and processor to your door. For further reassurance, here is a copy of our certificate, and we’re happy for you and your auditors to check anything out with us.

Environmental care
We deal with natural products, so have a vested interest in caring for the environment. However, our use of refrigerated storage and transport inevitably leaves a carbon footprint. Which is why we sponsor environmental projects, such as village wind farms and landfill gas capture, to offset our carbon usage. As a result, we’re a carbon-neutral business.


“The service is always very prompt and they deliver nice and early. They’ve got a real sense of pride in what they do – I like that.” Ollie Dabbous Dabbous Restaurants