From a one-man start-up in 1971 to one of London’s leading dairy suppliers. Without losing the personal touch.


Since day one, we’ve always dealt with our customers as individuals. And we’re not going to stop now. Knowing you as a person is the best way to get to know your business – and to make sure you get the products and service you need.

Most importantly, nothing is ever too much trouble. It’s a commitment that goes back to our origins. When Allan Reeder set up as a sole trader, supplying cream and butter to bakeries, he firmly believed that one happy customer leads to another. This has certainly turned out to be true.

Our customer numbers are always increasing, and our product range has grown to keep pace. We operate from our own distribution centre by Heathrow Airport, serving many businesses every day – including some of London’s best-known restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

But it’s still very much a family affair. Allan remains in charge, with daughter Heidi managing customer relations, one son Chris overseeing supplier relations and logistics, and another son Ben looking after marketing. Our customers know and trust us. And that’s the foundation of the personal service that keeps you in dairy products, and keeps us in business.

Meet the team

Allan Reeder
Managing Director
Heidi Reeder
Chris Reeder
Ben Reeder
Marketing Manager
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"I like being able to place orders by phone. It’s good to talk to someone who knows the business. If we have special requirements I know that Allan Reeder can be flexible." Jon Middleton, Manager Simmons Bakers