Great service and quality products have been at the heart of the Allan Reeder business since day one. We know we have to achieve incredibly high standards to meet our customers’ expectations.

Reliability, that’s what Allan Reeder Limited is about. You’ll find it in our administration, our product quality and in our timely deliveries. We pull everything together to create a service you can rely on to help your business succeed and prosper.

Focused on service
For us, service is a personal commitment.
For instance, in the office we take orders by phone, email and fax and use telematic technologies for accurate scheduling and vehicle tracking. At the end of the day though, what makes us so effective is the determination of our customer service team to get things right.

So too with deliveries. We’ve got a modern fleet of refrigerated vans and trucks, but it’s our hard working warehouse team and drivers who ensure that all orders taken by midnight are delivered the very next day, every day of the week.

Committed to quality
Allan Reeder Limited is certified to the BRC Issue 2 Warehouse and Distribution Standard. This sets the bar for safety, quality and legality in all we do.

The BRC standard guarantees that the products you buy from us have been produced, stored and transported correctly all the way from the farm and processor until the moment you take delivery. What’s more, it’s provable. We can provide a copy of our certification and will happily accommodate you and your auditors if you want to come and see for yourself.

Environmental care
We deal with natural products and have a vested interest in caring for the environment. However, our use of refrigerated storage and transport inevitably leaves a carbon footprint. Because of this we sponsor environmental projects such as village wind farms and landfill gas capture to offset our carbon usage. The result is that Allan Reeder Limited is a carbon neutral business.

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