Brades Farm Barista Milk

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Towers family at Brades Farm and the supply of their unhomogenised Barista Milk.

Their Jersey/Holstein milk has a higher protein and fat content than regular whole milk and is not homogenised which makes it ideal for coffee making; it retains all it’s good qualities and improves texture and taste.

It is key that the milk comes from a one-gate farm; The Towers family have been farming dairy cows at Brades Farm in the beautiful Lune Valley in Lancashire since 1960. Their hard work ensures that the welfare of their cows is put at the forefront of everything they do and all their milk is fully traceable and environmentally sustainable.

It is a natural partnership with our family business and Allan’s farming background. So with their wonderful milk, our reasonable prices, the customer service you can expect from a family business, our expertise in distribution within London and working to the very high standards of our BRC accreditation, this is a very exciting opportunity for us all that we look forward to very much.

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